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GMC, Buick Electric Vehicles For Sale in MCKINNEY

You can find out all that you want to know about GMC's exciting line of electric cars at our dealership. Our knowledgeable staff will fill you in on the options available from GMC if you're looking to save money on fuel while still driving a great car. Two new vehicles to consider are the Hummer Pickup and Hummer SUV. Both are designed with an electric powertrain to give you the capabilities of a Hummer vehicle while getting impressive range.

Which GMC models are available in electric?

GMC has two electric cars to choose from, which are the Hummer Pickup and Hummer SUV. The Hummer Pickup is scheduled for release in late 2021. The Hummer Pickup has a broad front end and impressive performance potential with up to 350 miles of range and 1,000 HP in power output. The Hummer SUV, slated for 2023, features semi-autonomous driving technology, premium luxuries, and a standard high-definition 12.3-inch touchscreen interface with an available 13.4-inch touchscreen display. Both cars have comfortable leather seats and a premium interior design with unique color accents. The Hummer SUV is projected to have a power output of 830 HP.

What is the difference between electric, hybrid, and plug-in models?

Electric, hybrid, and hybrid plug-in vehicles use different powertrains. Electric cars such as the Hummer EV use only electricity to produce their power. Hybrid vehicles combine gasoline and electricity for energy. Plug-in hybrids will use a battery-powered electric motor for energy until they run out of electricity, at which point they switch over to gasoline.

How far can GMC electric models go?

GMC expects the Hummer EV to reach an impressive 350 miles in range.

How long does it take to charge an electric GMC car?

The GMC Hummer Pickup is equipped with an 800V DC fast-charging port. The Hummer Pickup can charge up to 350 kW. The Hummer SUV is also equipped with a DC fast-charging outlet that provides a maximum charge of 300 KW. Both charging outlets give the GMC Hummer Pickup and Hummer SUV the ability to charge up to 100 miles of range within 10 minutes. They can fully recharge their batteries in about 30 minutes at home or a charging station. For convenience, both cars can charge at public charging stations.

Do GMC electric vehicles have towing capacity?

The GMC Hummer EV can tow 11,500 pounds.

How can I learn more about GMC electric vehicles?

More information about GMC electric vehicles is available at our dealership.