2023 GMC Hummer EV Has Over 90,000 Reservations  

The new Hummer EV from GMC has reservations piling up for it, according to recent news. Here's a little information about the new Hummer for 2023.

Hummer EV Popularity

Recent information has shown that 90,000 people and more have reserved the new Hummer EV that is coming out next year. There's also a high conversion rate since more than 90 percent of people who have made a reservation purchased high-level, trim models.

Unfortunately, the reservations are going to take a while to come to fruition, however. Earlier, in July of 2022, there were over 75,000 reservations at the same time; only around 12 per day were being made. This means there's still a strong difference between reservations and those being fulfilled. The main issue appears to be the batteries which will be switched over to a more active facility quickly.

This will help make sure that there will be enough batteries for the vehicles being ordered. However, it may be some time before this reaches a reality as the factory needs to get up to the point that dozens per day become hundreds, and eventually, you'll get thousands and more per year. However, it may be some time before the factory gets up to this level, causing some delays in the production and deliveries of this vehicle.

The highly anticipated Hummer EV units may not be fully ready before they receive these batteries, so it may be necessary for them to wait some time before they get a full delivery of the Hummer EV. It is highly anticipated, though, since it's fairly unusual for something as large as a Hummer and with the Hummer's exact makeup to be powered by the proper amount of EV technology.

The current response does make people imagine if it will be a popular vehicle due to the sheer number of pre-orders that are currently going on from GMC.

More Info

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