Spring 2022 Auto Maintenance Tips  

Your vehicle can take a beating during the winter months when the weather conditions are harsher and unpredictable. Once the spring season arrives, it's an important time to get your vehicle back in shape to keep it running well. Here are a few auto maintenance tips worth following to prepare for time spent on the road in the coming months.

Schedule an Oil Change

If the oil in your engine is low or dirty, it can affect how well the vehicle operates. Schedule an oil change with a mechanic, which will help the engine stay lubricated to prevent premature wear and tear. The mechanic will also rotate your tires and top off any of the fluids under the hood to ensure you have enough brake fluid and coolant.

Wax the Exterior

Waxing your vehicle can restore the shine on the paint and can also prevent scratches from developing. It'll help to protect your car from frequent sun exposure in the coming months to prevent the paint from appearing dull.

Clean the Cabin

Cleaning out the inside of your car will keep it comfortable to drive in throughout the season. Remove any items or personal belongings that aren't used frequently and toss out any accumulated trash. Vacuum the seats and apply leather cleaner. You can also wipe down the dashboard to remove excess dirt that has accumulated.

Restock the Emergency Kit

Check the supplies that are stocked in your emergency kit to ensure they're in good condition. You may also need to add more water bottles or snacks if you become stranded. Now is the time to remove any items in the kit that you won't need in the spring, which includes tire chains, blankets, and tire boots. You can also add new batteries to any devices or flashlights to keep them working well.

Repair Dings

Dings and dents that accumulate on your vehicle in the winter can affect its condition and resale value. Take a look at each side of your car to retouch any paint that has scratched off. You can also take the car to an auto body shop to get larger dents repaired by a professional.

Contact us today if you want to learn more ways you can improve your vehicle and get it ready for spring. Our team is here to help avoid potential issues and restore your car to its original condition.

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