GMC Works With Marcus Graham Project To Diversify The Next Generation Of Leaders  

GMC is partnering with the Marcus Graham Project to start diversifying its team of marketing professionals with a collaboration that will continue for several years. The Marcus Graham Project has a mission to help pair BIPOC leaders with marketing, advertising, and media positions available in various industries. It hopes to equip different professionals with the right tools and experience needed to launch and strengthen their careers while working with GMC on various upcoming projects and campaigns that utilize their skillsets.

GM and GMC are now committed to investing in the different programs that are hosted by the Marcus Graham Project to work towards more equality in the workplace. Starting in 2022, the companies will start sponsoring the iCR8 boot camp for three consecutive years, which is around the time of the company's 15-year anniversary. Professionals will have more exposure and experience in the industry to help them become more equipped to land sought-after positions and careers in different industries. During this time, the professionals will also have the opportunity to contribute their creative ideas to the marketing team and learn how the campaigns operate. They'll work closely with other professionals on GMC's team and can learn from experts in the field.

One of the projects that participants will get to contribute to includes starting a campaign for one of the nameplates of GMC while also meeting one-on-one with stakeholders in various meetings. The camp will also include having plenty of exposure to the marketing campaign process, which will make it easier to understand and have a grasp of the channel efforts to ensure they become more skilled and experienced as a professional. The boot camp is also unique because it will start functioning as a pop-up agency, allowing brands, non-profit organizations, and minority-owned businesses to utilize the consulting services that they offer.

Chairman and co-founder of the Marcus Graham Project, Lincoln Stephens, believes it will be a successful partnership as the organization works hard to help different professionals succeed in various industries. He also believes it's serendipitous because GM was originally a client of his when the organization was first started in 2007.

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