Buick Navigation is a feature made for Buick owners on the go. The Buick Navigation system brings you traditional navigation capabilities and more. You'll find this innovative system on Buick vehicles in select model years depending on the car you get and the infotainment system you have.

Some of the features you can enjoy from Buick Navigation include getting driving directions to your next destination, navigating intersections, and even getting recommendations for places to visit with the helpful Points of Interest tool. The Navigation system is conveniently available for use with either the touchscreen or voice commands. If Buick Navigation comes with your car, you'll want to know how to use it to access its many features.

How Does the System Work?

Buick Navigation is accessible from the home screen of your navigation system. After choosing a destination, your vehicle will show driving directions on the main screen. You can also decide whether to have the directions relayed to you in audio form using voice commands. The navigation system provides a visual overview of your directions with a mapping tool as well.

2021 Buick Enclave Navigation System

Finding Your Destination

If you need help getting directions to your next destination, Buick Navigation is on hand to help. If you're going to a new place, you can easily enter the directions on the touchscreen much as you would enter directions on your phone. If you are going to a repeat destination, you can select the address from a list of places that you've recently visited. You can also use your vehicle to access the address of people in your phone's contact book. If you want to get directions using the touchscreen, hit the "destination" button on the map screen. You can also use voice command to help you find your way to your next place by hitting the "voice command" button, which allows you to enter either a partial address or a full address if you're heading someplace new.

Using Voice Recognition

If you prefer to use your navigation system entirely through voice commands, it's easy to do so by setting up voice recognition technology with the navigation system. All you need to do is hit the "Push to Talk" button located on your car's steering wheel. You'll hear a beeping sound followed by a voice command for "navigation." When you hear the voice command, simply tell your Buick where you are headed, and it will provide directions.

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