GMC Intellilink

GMC Intellilink: A New Infotainment Experience

GMC Intellilink can do a lot for you in the models it's installed on. It's designed to connect to just about any device that you have on hand, so long as it's a hands-free wireless technology capable device. Responding to voice commands and responding to touchscreen commands as well, Intellilink is an especially smart and sharp infotainment system, available on many models of Acadia and Yukon. It features available 4GE Wi-Fi connectivity and hands-free calling and voice commands. The question many people have is, can it play movies, too? There's good news and bad news on that, but the one thing that is all good news is that Intellilink is a superb infotainment system for any model of GMC that it comes equipped on. People have been giving rave reviews to Intellink for awhile now, and part of the reason is that it offers such diverse capabilities.

Can GMC Intellilink Play Movies?

Perhaps the first thing that we should say is that GMC Intellilink doesn't come "pre-loaded" with Netflix or other streaming apps. That doesn't mean that you can't make it happen, though. Since Intellilink is designed to connect with all of your hands-free wireless technology devices, suffice it to say that if you want to watch Netflix on one of your devices, you can use the Wi-Fi and connectivity of Intellilink to make that happen. You might want to watch Netflix on your Smartphone or tablet. Intellilink can handle that!

The system itself, though, is not geared specifically to work with your favorite movie apps and stream movies in great quality directly from the touchscreen infotainment system, and since it could be a distraction for the driver, it's not necessarily a terrific idea to watch the movies directly from the center infotainment system the driver will be using for navigation and other important functions (although it is possible to do!). Your best bet is to use the Wi-Fi connectivity of Intellilink to allow other people in the car to access movies via their devices, which most certainly can be connected to the Intellilink system to get your movie fix.

Learn More About Intellilink

Your GMC model may or may not have GMC Intellilink equipped. Newer models will have Intellilink while older models have GMC MyLink. Intellilink is undoubtedly the more advanced and modern of the two systems, and GMC owners have been very grateful to GMC for creating this amazing infotainment system. It's best used when listening to Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, as it's more geared to audio quality and experiences than it is to movies. Remember, though, if you need a movie to play on your Intellilink, it's possible to use an app to do it, although you're not necessarily going to get the best picture quality. Where you will get great picture quality is if you connect your hands-free wireless technology device to the Intellilink infotainment system and then watch movies on your device, using the connection capabilities of Intellilink. If you'd like to know more about the Intellilink infotainment system, which has received glowing reviews from GMC owners over the past several years, you can contact the dealership. The friendly sales people will be happy to take you out for a long test drive and let you get to know all of the neat features of GMC Intellilink.