Say Heck No to Hail Damage With These Tips

Do you see the light blue states on the graphic below? Those are the most hail-prone areas in the country, and as you can see Texas is among them.

For many without carports or garages, it can feel like a helpless situation when a big hail storm hits. How can one protect their car? Or is it futile to try? Well, Texans, we have a few tips to share with you that can help you keep your car protected, that is if you’re diligent about following them. Here’s what you should do:

Get yourself a low-cost vehicle carport. If you don’t already have one to protect your car over the summertime, you may want to consider investing in one to protect your car from hail. Full coverage options like this one are best.

Buy a car cover or use old blankets. If you have old blankets around, you can duct tape them to your car before a hail storm hits. Just make sure to place the duct tape at the bottom of the car if possible, though the sticky residue isn’t likely to damage your car paint. Otherwise, you can purchase a car cover such as this one.

Make sure you’re receiving weather alerts. If you have a smartphone, jump on the storm alert bandwagon. It’ll let you know when you may need to move your car to a covered area.

Save the addresses of facilities with covered parking. Whether it be a mall or shopping center garage, know where to go if you need to get your car under cover. Also, if you’re in the middle of driving, you can pull under a gas station canopy or something similar if you need to get under cover quickly.

Use large buildings as hail shadows. If a storm is coming from the east, for example, park on the west side of a large building. If the winds are strong enough, the building may be able to shield your car, causing hail to blow completely past it.

Put your floor mats to use. If there’s an emergency and you need to do something last minute, grab your floor mats and place them on your hood and roof. They could blow away and won’t cover the entire car, but it’s worth a try and could minimize damage.

Additionally, if you do get stuck driving in hail, it’s best to travel either toward or away from it. The reason is because windshields are better designed to withstand the impact of hail, whereas side windows may not be.

If your car does suffer from hail damage, McKinney Buick GMC's body shop is here to help. We’ll assess and fix body damage caused by hail for a low price. Contact us for a quote if you need assistance.

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