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Spring 2022 Auto Maintenance Tips

Spring 2022 Auto Maintenance Tips 
Your vehicle can take a beating during the winter months when the weather conditions are harsher and unpredictable. Once the spring season arrives, it's an important time to get your vehicle back in shape to keep it running well. Here are a few auto maintenance tips worth following to prepare for time spent on the road in the coming months.
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How To Use Onstar with My GMC

Onstar GMC  

OnStar provides you with several great features that you may want to use at one time or another while driving in your new GMC vehicle. Whether you’re lost, in trouble, or have had your car stolen, OnStar is always there to help. You can press the blue button on your OnStar module to contact a representative when you’re not in trouble. There is a red button that you can use when you are in an emergency. Are you wondering how else you can use OnStar with your GMC? Read…

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Hail damaged hood

Hail has been the natural arch-enemy of cars since they were first parked outside with no garage or a protective covering. Hail remains one of the leading causes of preventable repairs on Buick and GMC vehicles. The operative word here is "preventable." When unpreventable damage occurs to your car, it's painful, but what could you have done? Preventable damage is where it gets really painful.

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GMC Spring Cleaning

Springtime means getting your home cleaned out and ready for the warmer weather. The same mentality can apply to your car, too! Winter weather can have significant adverse effects on your car. From salt damage to wearing out the battery, your car may be in desperate need of attention by the time the snow melts.

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