Can the Buick Enclave Tow?

Buick Enclave Towing

The Buick Enclave Combines Luxury with Power

The Buick Enclave is a premium crossover SUV that has seven seats. In addition to having luxurious features and cutting-edge technology, this Buick delivers solid performance for daily commutes and extended road trips. When properly equipped, the Enclave is strong enough to tow a trailer that's packed with up to 5,000 pounds of cargo. A roof rack with cross rails can also support some extra cargo that doesn't fit inside this family-friendly Buick vehicle.

Capabilities of the Buick Enclave

Powered by gasoline, a naturally aspirated 3.6 L engine propels the Buick Enclave. This V6 engine is capable of generating up to 310 horsepower at 6,800 RPM. The peak torque rating for this powertrain is 266 lb-ft at 2,800 RPM. When there's no need for any power output at a traffic stop, the engine will automatically turn off to conserve fuel. Since the Enclave is ideally designed for normal drives on smooth roads, the standard towing capacity is 1,500 pounds. However, you can make certain mechanical upgrades to increase the towing capability to 5,000 pounds. An automatic transmission system with nine speeds is tuned to handle trailers with various loads. This Buick crossover SUV also has an advanced all-wheel drive system that operates on twin clutches. The Driver Select function also optimizes handling in various conditions. For example, you can activate this technology to get optimum traction on a road that's covered in sleet, rain, ice or mud. There are several other mechanical components that help the Enclave tow a trailer in a safe and efficient way. For example, the StabiliTrak technology prevents the wheels from skidding. This is an electronic stability control system that provides some leverage for towing. Rated at 170 amps, the standard alternator is durable and reliable enough for lengthy road trips that involve bringing along a trailer.

Contact our McKinney Buick GMC dealership today to set up a tour of the Buick Enclave. You can test drive any of the Buick Enclave models that are are powerful and versatile enough for road trips. We'll provide detailed information on the Enclave's towing abilities and other technical specifications.

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