Just Announced: 2016 GMC Sierra New Towing Features

The 2016 Sierra continues to prove its hardworking capability with the addition of new trailering options! GMC recently announced a new package and camera system for the truck, equipment that will make towing easier and more effective for Sierra owners.

A gooseneck/fifth-wheel trailering prep package for Sierra HD models adds a frame-mounted hitch platform, as well as a tray that can accommodate fifth-wheel hitch mounting brackets or a gooseneck ball hitch. Along with this, Sierra owners can also choose a new gooseneck completion kit, which includes a 2-5/16-inch ball hitch and two chain tie-downs.

As for the Sierra 1500, it was already named a towing champ, and now its capabilities can be taken to new heights with a trailering camera system. It’s a fantastic option available for Sierra 1500 and Sierra HD owners who would like a feature that helps make it easier to go in reverse with a trailer.

To help reduce blind spots, three cameras are included, with one at the rear of the trailer and two integrated in the trailer mirror housings (must be DPN- or DQS-code). Any camera view can be activated on your IntelliLink display. The system, which was created in partnership with Echomaster, can also support an additional camera, meaning you can place one inside your trailer if you’d like to monitor your livestock or other cargo.

With these new options, in addition to the numerous trailering features that are already standard on Sierra 1500 and HD models, you’ll be ready to tow anything!

Contact McKinney Buick GMC to learn more about these new trailering tools, including pricing info and details about which model-year vehicles can be equipped with the new features.

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